Aug 26th, Mon

5pm - 6:30pm EST

Onlin (Zoom)

Step into the world of elite consulting interviews 

Our exclusive live casing workshop will show you exactly how top candidates are evaluated by the interviewers.

Hear from former MBB manager and interviewer how to approach the case interview. 

You'll learn:

  • Real Interview Dynamics: See the interaction between an interviewer and a candidate, providing you with a realistic understanding of the process.
  • Key Strategies: Learn the techniques and approaches to get to the bar that the interviewers look for. 
  • Common Pitfalls: A live case interview together to see what "exceptional" looks like and Identify frequent mistakes candidates make and learn how to avoid them.

Watch a Bain Manager and Interviewer Do a Live Case Interview

Gain invaluable insights and firsthand knowledge by watching a Bain manager and interviewer conduct a real-time case interview.

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Kevin Geehr

Cassi McLemore

Former Manager at Bain

⭐ General Manager at Path

Current MCO Case Coach

Former Recruiter at BCG

Current MCO Recruiting Coach